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New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu

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We Help Parents Raise Confident Leaders
& Adults Reach Their True Potential!

Since 2006, New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu has provided its members with a road map to success based on self-defense, confidence and goal-setting skills.


1831 Hobart Ave, Bronx, NY 10461

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New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu Owner


We never want our kids to have to use these skills in modern life, but every good parent still wants their kids to be safe.

That’s why our martial arts training is very serious about teaching your kids the skills needed for self-protection in any circumstance. From the neighborhood bully to a stranger on the street (and so much more). But knowing how to defend oneself is only half the battle. Our classes teach your child the respect and self-discipline needed to diffuse a situation without violence whenever possible – as well as the knowledge to know when force is the only way to safety.

We Share & teach The Same Values You Teach At Home.

Our programs have a strong focus on personal development. The foundations of our morals, values and core character traits are formed in our early years. For this reason, the programs at New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu are an essential way to enhance the growth and personal development of young students of all ages. 

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You may have experienced boredom with your usual fitness routine or reached a plateau in your performance or physical fitness results. Our adult programs are the perfect alternative to a boring gym routine, as they help you develop into your maximum potential both physically and mentally by providing real-life self-defense strategies in a fun, focused environment. 

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Our Facility

• 3000 Square-Foot Main Training Area With 10 Foot Ceilings
• 1000 square feet of 1 1/2 inch Tatami mats for maximum security
• Climate-Controlled
• Open Seating for Parents & Spectators (due to COVID-19 this is currently unavailable)
• Complimentary Wi-Fi
• Changing Room
• Equipped for Special Events Such as Workshops, Parties & Seminars
• Handicapped Accessible


What Makes New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu Different From other Karate & Taekwondo Schools?

We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defense moves.

Our instructors are all certified black belts, qualified, and professionally trained to teach martial arts.

Our facility is always clean and features a viewing area for parents, as well as matted floors throughout.

Our Promise at New York City Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu:

To Train in the
Highest Quality Martial Arts
Program Available

To Focus On
Personal Development
in a Positive Environment

To Offer Programs
Accessible & Enjoyable
by People of Any Age


Goju Ryu Karate is the style of martial arts practiced by New York City Goju Ryu Karate. It is also the most sought out system of Karate and self-defense. It is a complete system that incorporates the entire body to serve as a weapon.

For this reason, training is taken very seriously at NYC Goju Ryu!

Goju Ryu, "hard-soft style", is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate, featuring a combination of hard and soft techniques. Both principles, hard and soft, come from the famous martial arts book used by Okinawan masters during the 19th and 20th centuries, the Bubishi. Gō, which means hard, refers to closed hand techniques or straight linear attacks; jū, which means soft, refers to open hand techniques and circular movements. Gōjū-ryū incorporates both circular and linear movements into its curriculum, combining hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent, including joint locks, grappling, takedowns, and throws.

The journey of learning this art is one of incremental learning and skill development, that students of any age and fitness level can embark on.

NYC Goju Ryu is an authentic martial arts school that is certified both in Okinawa, Japan and the United States of America.